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Systems Interface deliver turnkey air traffic management solutions to air navigation service providers (ANSP) and airport operators. Solutions cover complex requirements spanning the communication, navigation, surveillance and meteorological domains. The business delivers solutions to the tower, airfield and en route environments in both the civil and military markets. 

Systems Interface markets include extensive deployed systems throughout the UK, Ireland, Europe, Central Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. The company has the ability to deliver sophisticated turnkey solutions in the most demanding environments.

The company’s solutions encompass everything from initial consulting services where the optimum solution can be defined in partnership with the client and detailed site surveys to ensure optimum siting and performance. To support the core system, Systems Interface will implement the supporting infrastructure including civil works, telecom and power systems. At the conclusion of system installation, verification through flight checks can be carried out, followed by a comprehensive through life support.


Systems Interface is an acknowledged world leader in the provision of complex aviation navigation systems. Collaborating with technology leaders in their field, Systems Interface works exclusively with high-calibre product providers to deliver tailored turnkey solutions for airport and en route applications in the civil and military defence arenas including ILS, DME, DVOR and NDBs.

Air Traffic Control Tower (ATC)

Systems Interface (SIL) delivers complete ATM tower and control room solutions for fixed, remote (digital) and mobile applications. From the initial concept design supporting airport management and civil contractors, Systems Interface will develop the ATM system solution in accordance with ICAO and national regulations.


The implementation of complex ATM communication solutions requires the seamless integration of a broad spectrum of products and technical disciplines. Systems Interface is able to embrace the required demands and deliver complete turn-key communication solutions for tower, approach and en route applications in the civil and military domains.


Systems Interface designs and delivers a range of cooperative sensor solutions to deliver new generation (non-radar) surveillance capabilities for airports and en route applications.


Accurate monitoring of weather conditions through the use of Automated Weather Observing Systems (AWOS) is one of the most important aspects that ensure continued safe operations at airports. Systems Interface designs and delivers a range of meteorological solutions to meet this demanding aspect of ATM operations.

Solar Powered Airfield Lighting

Advanced Solar Powered Airfield Lighting systems are custom designed to meet specific Airfield requirements. Systems Interface provide the latest Solar Powered Airfield Lighting solutions that significantly reduce running costs. All Solar Powered Lighting products are low or maintenance-free, robust and field-proven, requiring no additional cabling or electrical installation.

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