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Professional Services

Systems Interface (SIL) has extensive capabilities and an experienced team of qualified professionals with a wealth of knowledge, providing advice and services to ANSPs (Air Navigation Service Providers), airports and civil contractors around the globe. 

Systems integration is the core competency of the company, which involves design, project management, procurement & supply, installation & commissioning, training, testing and operational flight check. SIL uses equipment from world-leading manufacturers to ensure ATM integration projects are delivered on time and within budget. 

SIL also provides Air Traffic Management (ATM) design consultancy services to airports, manufacturers and developers. The company’s design consultants bring a wealth of experience that delivers expert advice to airports that are planning infrastructure upgrade projects

Other value-added professional services include: 

  • Training, which includes courses tailored to individual customer needs, and 
  • Maintenance and Support services for multiple systems including Navigation aids, Communications, Meteorological and Information systems.

System Integration

Systems integration is the core competency of Systems Interface (SIL) and involves design, project management, procurement & supply, installation & commissioning, safety-case development, training, testing and signal-in-space performance obtained via a calibrated operational flight check.


Systems Interface (SIL) provide Air Traffic Management system design consultancy services to civil engineering contractors, airports and air navigation service providers (ANSPs). Design consulting advice adheres to global, regional and national regulatory standards with the aim of ensuring that resultant ATM system implementation can be executed cost-effectively, on schedule and in full compliance to all relevant safety standards.


Systems Interface (SIL) offers training courses tailored to individual customer needs and believes that the skills and expertise of a client’s employees are vital to the success of their projects.

Maintenance and Support

Systems Interface (SIL) is expert in the provision of Maintenance & Support services at airports worldwide. SIL can undertake specialist, regular or ad-hoc maintenance, fault diagnosis and emergency call out cover.

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