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Surveillance Airport



Systems Interface designs and delivers a range of cooperative sensor solutions to deliver new generation (non-radar) surveillance capabilities for airports and en route applications. 

Solution elements include: 

  • ADS-B (Automatic Dependence Surveillance – Broadcast)
  • MLAT (Multilateration)
  • WAM (Wide Area Multilateration) 
  • ASD (Air Situation Display)

To boost efficiency, cut infrastructure costs and enhance safety, ANSPs are looking at new technologies that can outperform traditional radar for both air and ground surveillance.  Systems Interface can deliver a range of sensor solutions to meet the application requirements for ADS-B, MLAT and WAM. 


The MLAT systems utilise advanced algorithms to deliver accurate 3D location information. ADS-B solutions rely on aircraft or airport vehicles broadcasting their identity, position and other information derived from onboard systems (GNSS etc.). This broadcast signal is received for surveillance purposes on the ground to facilitate airborne traffic situational awareness and is typically displayed on the Air Situation Display (ASD) system.

The Systems Interface Air Situation Display (ASD) is based on the proven Frequentis PRISMA ASD solution. The safe and efficient management of flights around aerodromes and en route is dependent on a real-time air traffic picture. As a cost-efficient display system, it contains the basic features needed for situational awareness and offers the scalability to incorporate more components and capabilities on demand. PRISMA-ASD has a high-performance, flexible and configurable HMI providing seamless air/ground awareness for air traffic controllers and aerodrome flight information service officers.

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