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The implementation of complex communication solutions requires the seamless integration of a broad spectrum of products and technical disciplines. Systems Interface is able to embrace the required demands and deliver complete turn-key communication solutions for tower, approach and en route applications in the civil and military domains. 

The Systems Interface design approach considers the whole system including ground-air and ground-ground communications, voice communication system, recorders and networking requirements. The system design process will leverage the best in modern Internet Protocol (IP) and Voice over IP (VoIP) technologies that can be combined with legacy analogue facilities to deliver internationally compliant solutions to locations that are new or refurbished implementations. 

Solution elements include: 

  • Voice Communication System (VCS)
  • ATM Grade Networks
  • Recorders
  • HF/VHF/UHF radio systems

As a member of the Frequentis group of companies, Systems Interface benefits from the depth and breadth of ATM communications capability resident within the organisation.

Voice communication systems

As a member of the Frequentis group of companies, Systems Interface has access to the broadest range of VCS solutions. These products are advanced scalable and exceptionally reliable.

ATM Grade Networks

Providing the best results in Air Traffic Management (ATM) communications and keeping aviation passengers safe requires a solution designed for the challenges of a modern air traffic management network.


Thorough documentation of all activities and events is a vital task for Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs) to ensure a safe and high-quality ATC operation. The Systems Interface Recording & Reporting solutions provide supervisors and investigators easy access to securely stored ATM-grade recorded audio, video, message, and data communications.Read more about recording. ...

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