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Solar Powered Airfield Lighting

Systems Interface has partnered with Avlite, a technology leader in the design and production of innovative airfield lighting equipment.

Advanced Solar Powered Airfield Lighting systems are custom-designed to meet specific Airfield requirements. 
Systems Interface provides the latest Solar Powered Airfield Lighting solutions that significantly reduce running costs. All Solar Powered Lighting products are low or maintenance-free, robust and field-proven, requiring no additional cabling or electrical installation. 

Pilot Activate Lighting Control systems are available for solar and mains-powered airfield lighting.

As airports and helipads strive to be more energy efficient, the benefits of solar-powered lighting are becoming more popular than cabled lighting solutions, especially at smaller airports and in emerging economies. 

Solar airfield lighting doesn't require mains electricity, while a conventional runway lighting system uses several dozen kilowatts, creating significant emissions. 

Solar airfield LED lighting system lasts considerably longer than traditional lighting systems. Maintenance costs are minimal, and the only required maintenance for the Solar Airfield Lighting system is an inexpensive battery change after 5-7 years. 

Systems Interface's solar-powered light installations have the following benefits:

  • No mains electricity all issues related to power distribution and storage are eliminated
  • Low operating costs
  • Low carbon footprint 
  • Solar lights operate on low voltages and so significantly improve worker safety.
  • No special equipment or training to install, operate and maintain
  • Can be radio-controlled and pilot-activated

The solar product range includes a variety of safe solar-powered solutions:

  • Runway Edge Lighting
  • Runway End 
  • Threshold
  • Externally and Internally lit Windsocks
  • Taxiway
  • Elevated Runway Guard Lights
  • Hold Position Lighting
  • Apron
  • Hazzard
  • Obstruction

Obstruction Lighting

The Systems Interface range of obstruction lighting is available in DC, AC, and self-contained solar configurations with optional, GSM or Star2M satellite monitoring to control, monitor, manage and maintain the lighting assets.

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