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Innovation Consultancy


Systems Interface (SIL) provide Air Traffic Management system design consultancy services to civil engineering contractors, airports and air navigation service providers (ANSPs).  Design consulting advice adheres to global, regional and national regulatory standards with the aim of ensuring that resultant ATM system implementation can be executed cost-effectively, on schedule and in full compliance to all relevant safety standards. 

The SIL design consulting team regularly work on projects in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Consulting work involves feasibility studies and full technical design scope for both existing and new-build airports. The team is able to work with the client throughout the system implementation phase until the point of final site acceptance and hand-over. This work can extend through to equipment life cycle support and maintenance policy. 

As an illustration, in the area of navigation, SIL can provide a whole package of tools to assist airports with aerodrome safeguarding, the design and preparation of instrument approach procedures, studies for the definition of equipment specification, system design - complemented where necessary by sophisticated computer modelling techniques for surveying and selecting sites for navigation aids and the protection of ILS sensitive areas.

As a dynamic and flexible organisation, Systems Interface is able to scale its design and consulting services from supporting large infrastructure projects through to minor airport upgrades.

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