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Airport plane and control tower

System Integration

Systems integration is the core competency of Systems Interface (SIL) and involves design, project management, procurement & supply, installation & commissioning, safety-case development, training, testing and signal-in-space performance obtained via a calibrated operational flight check. 

SIL designs delivers and installs complex air traffic systems covering all disciplines related to Air Traffic Management to support safe airspace operations for both airport and en route applications. The Systems Interface solution will be designed by in-house specialists and tailored to the precise requirements required for each location. 

SILs aim is always to provide the perfect technical and logistical fit that is client-led as opposed to manufacturer-defined. As a member of the Frequentis group, the company also has access to some of the world’s most advanced ATM systems available when required.

The SIL team maintain close supply chain relationships with all the leading original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), allowing the selection of the optimum solution for every requirement.

The delivered solution will not just include the necessary equipment, but also a full range of ancillary systems and support services necessary to deliver an integrated solution. These additional systems and services can include; shelters, power systems, civil works, site surveys, inter-site communication networks and security systems. SIL will scope the full requirements to ensure ground-based systems are optimally located to achieve ICAO and national regulatory performance. 

The technical skills and wealth of knowledge of our team, allow SIL to deliver complex solutions in the fields of navigation, surveillance, communications, and meteorological.

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