L 810 LED Obstruction Light

We are suppliers of the Solar Series L810 omni-directional LED obstruction light, a reliable, maintenance free solution to obstruction lighting that increases your flight safety and provides years of efficient solar powered lighting.

The L810 solar powered obstruction light is a vital solution for airports with high-rise buildings and other assets that may, due to bad weather and visibility, be difficult to see by passing aircraft.

It is an omni-directional red, steady-burning light used to mark these tall structures and buildings using a compact solar engine which holds enough power to illuminate light in any environment. These structures include towers, masts, cranes, meteorological towers, chimneys and other airspace structures.

Features of the L810 LED Obstruction Light

The L810 is a primarily maintenance-free solution with a simple installation and zero electricity costs, providing you with large cost savings in the long term. The LED light has 100,000 hours of life expectancy and can be designed bespoke to your situation, delivering years of trouble-free, solarpowered lighting.

It’s available in either a single or double configuration and works day and night, 24/7, ensuring your airport is lit up round the clock with no downtime. The light source is readily identified when using NVG equipment which ensures the obstruction light is visible to all aircraft.


The L810 is fully compliant with FAA AC/5345-43G.

ISO Systems Interface is a fully
ISO 9001 : 2015 accredited organisation
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